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A trip to the ObGyn

Living in the US has meant entering the murky waters of health insurance. Having been brought up with a National Health Service (NHS), I didn’t even know how much it cost to go to the Doctor. We have health insurance, but up until this point I hadn’t even used it.  Ladies of the UK, the NHS is seriously amazing and I appreciate it more than ever and will never ever moan about it again!

In September, I made an appointment to visit the ObGyn for a routine pap smear and was secretly hoping for some soothing words along the lines of “don’t be crazy, there is nothing wrong with your cycle, you are the most fertile woman I’ve ever met”. Attending the ObGyn in the US is an altogether different experience to the UK whereby you only see a nurse every three years for a pap smear. In the US I was seen by a ‘real’ Gynaecologist and had to get totally naked as they even give your boobs a quick check!

After the delights of the pap smear I told the ObGyn of my concerns and the problems how my menstrual cycle was completely out of whack. Whilst initially easing my darkest fears and telling me everything was probably okay she suggest I could get some blood tests done and if something was wrong its still going to be wrong in six months time. I didn’t even hesitate to agree to this. So off I trotted through to the Phlebotomist and I had blood taken to test Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH), Prolactin levels and Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH).

Feeling good, I left the ObGyn and told I should get my results within the next week. I really felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and that everything was going to be okay, the results would come back normal and we could just carry on with the fun part of baby making stress-free and knowing the stork would probably visit us sometime within the next six months. I even managed to stop reading fertility forums over that week, deleted a fertility app from my phone, and stopped obsessing over absolutely every little thing to do with conceiving.


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