Has the stork lost our address?

My initial thoughts when we reached month five of trying to conceive were the above. Having moved from the UK to the USA for Sam’s work at the beginning of 2016 meant this was possible, correct? The stork was trying to deliver the baby to good old Blighty not the home of the brave. Alas, no.

When Sam and I decided to ditch birth control and get down to baby making in March 2016 neither one of us expected it would take much more than a few months. All my friends who have had babies got pregnant extremely quickly. I figured that as Sam and I are actually a couple of years younger than them and under 30, non-smokers, only occasional drinkers, gym-goers and pretty healthy (although I do have a rather sweet tooth and can’t resist Ben & Jerry’s ‘The Tonight Dough’…the whole tub to myself) that we may in fact be one of these uber fertile couples who just have to look at each other and fall pregnant. Oh the naivety!

I stopped the pill that March after five years and a period followed sort of swiftly after 37 days. Having read online that some one can take several months to have a period I self-diagnosed myself as back to normal and cracked open the pre-natal vitamins. No baby in month number one but nothing to worry about. I’m sure every woman out there trying to conceive know the line ‘it can take up to a year for a healthy couple to conceive’. During my teens and early twenty’s my periods had been pretty regular. I can only recall skipping one period ever and that’s when I was travelling for the summer in my late teens. They have never been particularly painful and last the ‘normal’ 5-6 days. According to Dr. Google, all perfectly fine.

As the months ticked by nothing my cycle never settled down. After the initial 37 day cycle was a 48 day cycle. I very much managed to convince myself I was pregnant through symptom spotting madness (twinges, sore nipples, no appetite, huge appetite and the list goes on) only to be disappointed. This was followed by a 29 day cycle which obviously in my mind meant my body was back into a natural rhythm. Wrong. The next cycle was 38 days. By this time we were edging into the 6 month mark of trying for a baby. I was telling myself that everything was still okay and that my body was just taking longer to work itself out following five years on the pill. Problems trying to conceive are something that happens to other people, not me. Admittedly, in the bottom of my stomach I was very worried. I was due for a pap smear anyways so decided to make an appointment with the ObGyn.



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