Shit just got real

I made an appointment with the recommended fertility specialist Dr K. Never ever have I thought that I would have to see a fertility specialist in order to get pregnant. The insurance company have said that having a consultation with Dr K is covered, but after that a treatment plan will need to be submitted which they can either approve or reject. So I feel like we have been left in limbo right now with regards to that.

Our first appointment with Dr K went well. He said he can definitely work with me and its not a case of if I will get pregnant, its when. Hearing that from a specialist was amazing. He did confirm that even though I have had periods by myself since coming off the pill, I may not have ovulated.  Having a very high AMH definitely points to PCOS too, but Dr K said he has seen much much higher than my level before. Dr K has said Sam will need to get his sperm tested just to be sure that we are not going to be battling infertility from both ends. I just have to come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to be able to do this on my own and I will need help. I was given a progestorene shot (in my bum, a first time for everything!) and told this would induce a bleed in 7 to 10 days. I need to call the clinic on day one of the bleed to schedule an ultrasound and more blood tests for day three.

If things are normal following the blood tests, then the next step would be on day 5/6 to have an HSG test to make sure my fallopian tubes aren’t blocked, and then I could begin treatment. This would include taking Femara and having and FSH injection. They would then monitor me to make sure I don’t over stimulate. Hopefully, if I don’t, then it means I will do timed intercourse.

So right now I’m waiting on the bleed to arrive to get everything kicked off. I’m feeling really impatient about it and just want to get started. As ever, I go from feeling positive that at least we have a plan now to feeling really negative and a failure that I can’t do what I should be able to.


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