The results are in

Sam received a phone call yesterday evening from the lab and everything is more than fine with him! I’m relieved to know that we aren’t going to be battling this on two fronts, as that probably would have meant IVF was the next immediate option, something we can’t afford to do whilst living in the US. I guess not managing to get absolutely everything into that cup was fine after all.

I’m still in the waiting period following my progesterone shot last week so nothing can move until I start to bleed. On day 5 now and was advised that a bleed should come in 7 to 10 days. Hoping that it will be 7 as the sooner it comes the sooner I get the ultrasound, blood tests, HSG test and get cracking on with the treatment. Now that we know everything is fine with Sam, I’m back to stressing about what else could be wrong with me…poor quality eggs, blocked tubes. Ugh! I’m going to distract myself as best I can and try and not worry about something I can’t actually control. Deleting the fertility app from my phone has definitely helped me, I was checking that far too often and I really don’t need to see other people’s positive pregnancy tests right now.


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