Waiting, waiting, waiting

I’m currently on day 8 of waiting for my period to come following the progestorene injection. At least I think it’s day 8 as I’m counting from the day after the injection, otherwise I am actually on day 9. The Doctor said a bleed would come within 7 to 10 days. I don’t remotely feel like that is going to happen today. I’m in a fantastic, happy mood and not very emotional (I’m always a little bit emotional not matter the time of the month, a sad movie can always get tears from me!). I thought I may have been about to get my period on the evening of day 6 as I could feel all sorts of twinges coming from ‘down there’ but they have more or less subsided.

I have gone back on my vow and returned to Dr. Google to seek advice on this. I found a forum where a woman wrote she was told that a period could be expected up to 14 days after the injection, and in fact, hers didn’t come until day 16! My mind is definitely running away with me, and I’m having a fantasy that I know is only going to end in tears. This fantasy is that I’m actually pregnant and the bleed isn’t going to come at all. The only reason I’m even thinking this is because the nurse who gave me the shot 9 days ago told me not to worry if I am pregnant as the progesterone will just mean that I won’t get a bleed and its actually all good stuff for a healthy pregnancy. Ahhhhh! Why am I doing this to myself?! I’ve not done a test or anything but I know I am absolutely not pregnant. I have PCOS for goodness sake! I’m not releasing eggs! On top of that there isn’t a symptom in sight. And yet, in this fantasy I get to day 14 with no period and call the Doctor’s office and am brought in straightaway, they do a blood test and poof I’m pregnant. No fertility treatments, just a little miracle. I’m setting myself up for a really big fall but I can’t seem to pull myself back from it. All I can do right now is wait.


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