Day 1

I woke up this morning with a very mild crampy feeling. As Dr K said it would, my period has arrived. Despite my fantasies yesterday of being one of those women you hear about that is about to start fertility treatment only to find out she is in fact pregnant, I’m not feeling sad or disheartened. I’m actually relieved that this hasn’t dragged on and come on day 14, I really just want to get cracking with the whole thing. I called the clinic this morning but was told to call back tomorrow morning to make an appointment for a day 3 ultrasound and bloodwork.

Sam did some more investigation into our health insurance and our policy says they don’t cover infertility treatments. Its going to be expensive, but again I’m not feeling worried or disheartened as ultimately if we were still in the UK the NHS wouldn’t have even considered fertility testing for us at this stage.

I feel bad that I feel hopeful right now, that its possible we could have a little christmas miracle. I keep telling myself to just focus on each individual day and not focus on the future as who knows how this is all going to turn out. I might not respond to treatment or over respond. Even if it is all successful there is still no guarantee of getting pregnant.


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