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Day 3

Day 3 was bloodwork and ultrasound day. I got up bright and early and headed over to the clinic. The ultrasound was fine, it was strange to see my insides on a screen, but it confirmed what was already suspected, my ovaries are covered in follicles. The Doctor said not to use the term cysts as that is actually misleading – so they are follicles not cysts! I also had blood taken for FSH, LH and Estradiol.

Our insurance isn’t going to cover anything so we will be forking out for everything ourselves. It seems like this is pretty commonplace with fertility treatments. I’ve been prescribed Femara, 2 tablets every night for nights. Femara is actually a brand name and when I went to collect it at the pharmacy I was given Letrozole. This is basically the same thing without the extra cost of having a ‘brand name’. 10 tablets only cost around $15. On day 5 of the cycle I will start doing self-administered injections of Gonal-f. Then, hopefully if an egg matures I will do a shot of Ovidrel to trigger ovulation. Following that I will insert Prometrium (vaginally!) to help create a healthy environment for any possible pregnancy. The nursing staff at the clinic were really nice and told me which pharmacies to go to in order to the injection medication cheaper.

Later in the day I got a call from the clinic to let me know my blood work is all looking good. My FSH was 4.4 and my LH was 13.6. Those results by themselves are dandy however, because the LH is 3 times the FSH result it again confirms PCOS. I’m really happy that I have a good ovarian reserve, just need to get the eggs moving!


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