Day 7

I’ve been taking Letrozole every evening now for four days. Tonight will be the last dosage. In addition, I did my first self-administered injection on the evening of day 6 (HSG and an injection, what a day!). The injection of Gonal-F is a follicle stimulating hormone. Normally, when I get an injection or have blood drawn I can’t look at what is happening but I put my big girl pants on and sucked it up and injected myself in my stomach. Luckily there was a step by step video which made it easy to follow and Sam helped too. The dose I took was 75 IU. Dr K had said he was going to start me on a low dosage as they just didn’t know how my body was going to react, and they don’t want to overstimulate me.

This morning, I went for my day 7 ultrasound to see if the drugs and injection had started to work their magic. Unfortunately, it seems that not a lot is happening down there so my injection dosage has been upped to 125 IU for the next two nights. Dr K said I have “loads of potential” but they just need to find perfect formula that will work for me. Giving me 125 IU could in fact be a bit too much for my body, they just aren’t sure yet, so I will go back in two days for an ultrasound and hopefully they will see the eggs are maturing and that there is some progress. I felt a bit disheartened by it, as after the HSG showed everything was clear, I had begun to feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel even though I know that everything might work perfectly this cycle but there is still not guarantee of pregnancy. Sam tells me I shouldn’t be down about it and I know he is right. Fingers crossed that the new dosage kick starts the eggs and that there will be a good improvement in a couple of days time.

Update 1: I decided to have a look in the fridge and see how much Gonal-F is contained in one injection. My one is 300 IU. With maths not being my strong suit I quickly whipped out the calculator on the my phone. Only 225 IU left, not enough to do 125 IU each night. As a born worrier does, I proceeded to go into panic mode about what to do as its Saturday late afternoon. I decided to text Dr K rather than call the clinic and leave a voicemail as I didn’t think it would be picked up until Monday. Dr K is a star and texted me back within about 30 seconds telling me to do 112.5 IU over the next two nights. Hopefully, its going to be enough to get things moving.

Update 2: I decided to check my stats from today’s ultrasound. I’ve got one follicle at 7.3mm and one at 5.5mm. At this stage I don’t actually know what that means so I’m going to have to ask more questions in two days time at the clinic. I told myself not to but I cracked and did a quick google. According to wise old Dr Google between days 5-7 in a normal cycle a follicle of 10mm will become dominant. If that’s true then I’m currently flagging a bit behind. Must. Stay. Positive.


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