Day 10 – Another day, another ultrasound

Day 10 is here, time just seems to be flying in. I had a nightmare of a morning. I decided to not take the bus to the ultrasound appointment but use a ride share app as the appointment was super early. The ride was booked yesterday and all confirmed, but 7.40am rolled around and I was waiting outside with no driver in sight. I called and very clearly woke up the driver, no apology either. My appointment was at 8.15am so I really had not time to faff around. Thankfully, Sam was still at home and was able to drive me and I made it with two minutes to spare! Not what you need first thing in the morning when you are someone that doesn’t handle stress well.

Dr K was still in surgery but I was seen by the lovely Dr B. Things are picking up even more and I’ve got a few follicles in the 11-12mm range and a few in the 8-9mm range. She said that my dose of injection will definitely get lowered but that Dr K will be the one to decide what this is and give me a call later in the day. I’m back in tomorrow afternoon for an ultrasound to see if they have managed to keep a few of the bigger ones growing and stop the smaller ones. Dr B said that as this is the first round I am doing this they want 1-3 follicles to be matured, anymore than that and they will probably cancel. They would only allow more follicles if I have done a few cycles but don’t manage to fall pregnant. I need to get one or two follicles to 17mm and. Dr B expects me to be triggered soon. So now I’m waiting for the phone call and hoping that dropping the dose will do the magic.





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