Drunkity drunk drunk

Drowning my sorrows seemed like an excellent idea over the weekend, so I did. I went out, drank and danced like I was 18 again (inclusive of Jelly shots eek!) and babies were the furthest thing from my mind. The hangover was epic the following day and I didn’t move from the couch. I managed to watch an entire season of Sex and the City too. I know that abusing my body in this way is definitely not a good idea but it felt temporarily liberating. I hadn’t laughed as much in ages so that has to be good emotionally?!

I’m still waiting for my period to kick in. Dr K told me it would be this week following the Leuprolide Acetate injections. I’m allowed to start having sex again tomorrow and will have avoided the potential of 14 fertilised eggs, woo hoo! I’m fairly certain I’ve ovulated as I’ve got sore nipples. When I came off the pill and started tracking everything I noticed that I would get sore nipples then around 12 days later get my period. I’m hoping that’s what it is and it means I may have been able to ovulate on my own at times. I’ve handed my prescription of birth control into the pharmacy so I can start taking that on day 3. I really am trying to relax about it everything. After all, I’m not going to be able to get back on the fertility injection bandwagon until after Christmas so I’m planning to take the birth control for 2 or 3 weeks then come off and see what my body does as I just really hate the idea of taking birth control. Right, off to do something else to keep me distracted.



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