Super bitch

I woke up this morning to the ever wonderful experience of getting my period. I was in an extremely nippy mood last night and tossed and turned all night so I should have expected it. Sam couldn’t do anything right last night, I demanded cuddles (only cuddles, nothing naughty!) and then got too hot and snapped at him, then demanded more cuddles again. This morning, I called the fertility clinic to tell them my period had come, I always feel awkward doing this, and to try and schedule an appointment with Dr K to discuss next steps. I didn’t even manage to get out a whole sentence before I was put on hold. Five minutes later I was still on hold, ranted for a few seconds to no one, then hung up. No one has called me back which has pissed me off a lot. I’m not someone who would ever ever ever be rude to someone over the phone or generally even complain but I do get rubbed the wrong way when I’m paying a lot of money for fertility treatment and no one can be bothered to return my phone call. Ahhhhh! Needless to say I’m in a very bad mood today. I think I’m going to leave it until Monday to call back so that I’m my pleasant self again. Now, time to go buy a trough of chocolate and ice cream, feel sorry for myself and try not to shout at anyone.


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