What to do

Yesterday afternoon’s visit to the Doctor has left me in a real slump. Eugh. Its not like I got any new information really, its just knocked the wind out of my sails a bit. Dr K informed us we had three choices going forward; ovulation induction, ‘buzzing’ my ovaries   or IVF. IVF is not an option whilst we are living in the USA. At the moment I believe you can get two, possibly three, rounds on the NHS. As the plan is to leave the US by the end of next year we may have to put our family planning on hold until then. Buzzing my ovaries and removing some follicles only provides a temporary fix as it removes a bunch and stops over stimulation to medication. Dr K said there is still only a 25% chance that pregnancy would occur. To top it off the operation costs around $5000. So the only option really is to try injectables again and although Dr K is game for doing it again, he thinks even reducing the medication dosage is going to cause the same problem, all the follicles get stimulated at the same time. To say I’m deflated is an understatement.

I tried to discuss doing a low GI diet and taking Myo-Inositol but Dr K wasn’t really enthusiastic at all. I think that is what is making me feel low as I feel its the one thing I can personally do to help. He said he doubts I have an issue with insulin because I’m lean, but to give it a try and see what happens. He wants me to come in for a progesterone injection mid-late December as he doesn’t want me going two months without a period. I’ve mulled this over and called and spoke to a Nurse today and said I’m not really keen to do it. I don’t plan on doing any fertility treatment until the end of January into February so I want to see what my body is going to do itself in that time, if anything. I am well aware that I’m setting myself up for disappointment, but is it wrong to hope that I could be one of those stories where I cleaned up my diet, took some vitamins and managed to fall pregnant? Or is hope only going to make the pain worse when I either a) don’t conceive or b) don’t get a period? FML.


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