91 days and counting

Day one of my current cycle was 1st December last year. Today is the first day of March which makes me 91 days into this current cycle. The cycle which refuses to end. Now I know I have PCOS this shouldn’t surprise me, and yet it still does. I had decided 90 days was the maximum I was going to take to to have a period. I think I picked the number 90 as I thought my body would at least try to do something, even if I didn’t ovulate, at least some kind of ‘fake’ period. It’s just so frustrating having this condition as I feel like I can’t properly try to conceive, I’m not being given a chance. If I just knew what days I should even have sex that would make a difference but temping, ovulation kits and cervical mucus aren’t reliable with PCOS.

Before I was on the pill I don’t recall ever having cycles which took this long, I’m convinced I used to be regular. It really annoys me as well that I used to log the dates of my cycles in my ‘to-do-list diaries’, but never kept any of them. I’d love to look back at them and see what used to happen. Five years on the pill, and the time before that is just a bit of a blur, I can’t say for certainty that I used to get period every month, but I’m pretty sure I did, at least every 6 weeks ish. I know for sure that it wasn’t as long as this.

It seems I’m in it for the long haul this cycle. When will it end? Who knows. I’ve become convinced that the pill screwed with body and probably gave me PCOS. I’ve found some evidence of this online. If I’d known then what I know now I would never ever ever have gone on it. Hindsight is a beautiful thing. I did do it, and now I just have to roll with the punches. Let’s hope this licorice root I’ve been taking kicks in soon.


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