Facebook Creeper

I’ve had a good, normal sort of a day today. Work, seeing a friend for dinner, the usual. I was feeling in a happy place. Why on earth then after I left my friend did I decide to come home and become a Facebook creep? I’m still wondering this as I type this blog post. Why couldn’t I just let myself be happy today? WTF is wrong with me? I’ve gone out of my way to find some news that I knew would probably upset me.

It began innocently enough. I started scrolling through Facebook when for some unknown reason a friend of a friend of mine popped into my head. I knew she got married about 5 ish months ago. I decided to look her up with one sole purpose…had she made a baby announcement yet? I don’t even know this girl. There has been no mention from our mutual friend about anything baby related whatsoever. I seem to have found my way to her page due to intuition, being nosey and a creep. And within 5 seconds of being on her page, there it was. No flashy announcement with pictures and balloons, just a small comment about the size of her bump.

Why did I decide to do it? I don’t know what I was hoping to get. Proving my intuition skills? Wanting a pity party that other people get what they want so easily and I don’t? Whatever the reason, I think it’s time for some social media cold turkey.


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