A dedication to Sam

Sam and I don't really do Valentines day. We never have. There are card exchanges, usually (this year Sam gave me a Christmas card he found in the drawer...and they say romance is dead?!) but not flowers, teddy bears or over-priced restaurants. I'm fine with that, I definitely am a romantic, but I appreciate everything… Continue reading A dedication to Sam


The last 74 days

This is an extremely overdue post. Christmas has come and gone and we are already approaching mid-February. I haven't blogged as I have tried to switch off for a while from the trying to conceive journey. It's not that I haven't been thinking about it, I don't think its something I can ever not at… Continue reading The last 74 days


The highest result I’ve ever seen!

On a Tuesday afternoon exactly one week since my trip to the ObGyn I received a call. As soon as my phone rang and I saw who was calling I had a completely sick feeling in my stomach. I had been told to expect my results online so there was only one reason they were… Continue reading The highest result I’ve ever seen!