The rule, not the exception

Another week in February, another week of infertility. I’ve been on an information gathering mission recently and came across a bunch of things regarding liquorice root and white peony for PCOS. I found this study ‘Licorice roots reduces serum testosterone in healthy women’. I’ll give anything a whirl, so I ordered some liquorice root and since then I’ve been taking six tablets of 450mg a day (2700mg). It’s less than the women took in the study took, but I have read that liquorice root can cause high blood pressure so I’m taking it easy and seeing if anything happens. I have high testosterone, it got tested when I was back in the UK recently, its 5.2 (not sure of the measurement) and a normal is 1-2 for women (according to the Doctor who phoned with the result). Perhaps if I can reduce the amount of testosterone I have it can give my blood the boost it needs to ovulate? Who the hell knows. I also found information about white peony. Apparently it’s good to take in combination with licorice root, so I ordered it in tea form and have been drinking a couple of cups a day. I’m not entirely sure that all this self-medicating is a good idea but I’ve fallen down the black hole of reading infertility forums again and came across one where it worked for one women. There is always one, the exception to the rule, but it’s never me.

On top of this, since I had my last fake pill-induced period in December following the fertility treatment I’ve had egg white cervical mucus at least once a week, getting my hopes up, going away, and then reappearing. This ‘hello, I’m back, remember me!’ routine is getting pretty tiring, and for the last few weeks I’ve ignored it. “You can’t trust you body Alice!” I’ve had to remind myself several times. Egg white cervical mucus, a wonderful sign for lucky fertile women that they are gearing up to ovulate, is just my body’s way of taunting me. This week I had tons of the stuff on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and a very small amount today. Could this be it, finally after 85 days of nothing? Several days in a row has to mean something? Have I ovulated? Probably not. I am the rule, not the exception.



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